Tubal Reversal

(Reversal of Sterilization)

Dr. Keenan remains one of the most experienced reversal surgeons in the Southeast. His office is located in Knoxville, Tennesee, and he performs the reversal surgery at nearby hospitals which offer operating suites with the most advanced equipment and microscopes in the world. Our success rates are second to none! Call soon for your appointment.

What is Tubal Reversal?

Dr. Keenan

Tubal reversal, or tubal reanastomosis is a safe, effective operation which has been performed successfully for more than 30 years. There are many ways to perform tubal reversal, but it is essential that an experienced physician, who is trained in the use of microsurgical instruments and techniques, perform this delicate operation. We believe the best way to perform this operation is with the use of an operative microscope and the use of sutures that are extremely fine and commonly used in eye surgery. The openings of the tubes which must be reconnected are typically very small. Failure to properly align the segments, even by as little as one millimeter, can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful operation.

Dr. Keenan has been performing this operation with outstanding success since 1990. He is one of the recognized experts in the entire Southeastern United States in performing this delicate operation. His patients come from across the U.S. to take advantage of his expertise and cost-effective surgery center.

Choose your surgeon carefully!

Operating Room Team

Once again, Dr. Keenan has been recognized as one the Best Doctors in America, by Best Doctors Inc., an independent firm which uses a variety of measures to find the nation's top MD's. Dr. Keenan responds: " I am humbled by this honor, and believe that our philosophy of always putting patients first, while at the same time staying at the leading edge of scientific advancement and patient care, has allowed us to again achieve this significant distinction."

Web sites alone do not tell the entire story unless you are well-educated in this area. According to Dr. Keenan:

"I am concerned about what I read on web sites dedicated to tubal reversal. I have seen that shortcuts are being taken in the performance of this operation which could negatively impact pregnancy rates, for example surgeons using one-layer closure, using stents, or not using an operative microscope. Other sites seem to be more interested in getting patients to switch to IVF, which is clearly less successful and more expensive than tubal reversal for most patients."

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